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About us


Two main business fields: Manufacturing- trading outdoor furniture of all kinds and Afforestation - trading pulp wood.
2.1 Manufacturing- trading outdoor furniture

Raw material for outdoor furniture production is from legal sources of wood which are planted in Quangnam province and in the vicinity of Danang city. Eucalyptus - FSC™ certified, Acacia – FSC™ certified... are also imported for outdoor furniture manufacturing.  


Painting assembly line Steam kilndriers Loading goods in container

2.2 Afforestation- Trading pulp wood

Company currently manages 4100 ha of plantation in the area of Quangnam province and Danang city. The planted species are Acacia and Eucalyptus. For Acacia, there are Acacia Auriculiformis, Hybrid and mangium; For Eucalyptus there are Eucalyptus Kamadulensis (white) and Eucalyptus Urophylla (red). A harvesting cycle is 7 years, annual yield is from 60.000BDT to 80.000BDT (BDT: Bone-dry ton) to be exported for paper pulp. New planting is around 500ha annually.

Acacia plantation of Forexco in Quangnam province


Hot Products

  • FWT_205

    Size open : L1200xW700xH750
    Size carton : L1235 x W725xH220

    pcs/box: 1set
    Quantity : 140pcs/20"  -295 pcs/40"



  • FW-123

    Size open : L x W x H
    Size carton : L x W x H
    Quantity : pcs/20"  - pcs/40"

  • FW-121

    Size open : L 430x W430x H 420     
    Size carton : L450 x W 450x H230
    psc/box:  2
    Quantity :  650pcs/20"  - 1200 pcs/40


  • FWT_177

    Size open : L x W x H
    Size carton : L x W x H
    Quantity : pcs/20"  - pcs/40"

  • FSC-010

    Size open : L 330x W380 x H841
    Size carton : L 970x W350 x H125

    pcs/box: 1
    Quantity :669 pcs/20"  -1395 pcs/40"

  • FST_009

    Size open : L 800x W 800x H 705      
    Size carton : L 1050x W 820x H135
    psc/box:  1
    Quantity : 256 pcs/20"  -516 pcs/40