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- Pursuant to the charter organization and operation of joint stock company specialty forestry exports Quang Nam.
- Pursuant to General Assembly Resolution 2010 Annual Shareholders of JSC Special Export Lam Quang Nam

To carry out the procedures for registration of securities transactions and custody at the Securities Depository Center Hanoi, Board of Forestry Joint Stock Company of Quang Nam exports to announce to shareholders on the list of key shareholders to implement the procedures for registration of securities and securities custody as follows:...

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REPORT OF THE BOD AT 2010 Annual Shareholder Meeting

 In 2009, the year has many challenges in production and business activities of enterprises, financial crisis, the global economic downturn makes the purchasing power of the market declined significantly, including products outdoor furniture. Besides the situation of unusual flooding occurred, continued with the big flood in the months of peak production company. The situation has impacted on the business activities of the Company, employees missing work seriously, have to leave the department for several months, while some units to focus on remedying damage as a result of storms, floods caused.

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Perform the functions specified in Article 37 - Charter, the Control Board would report to the Congress of the test results, control and supervision of the management, financial and business situation of companies and activities of the Board of nam2009 as follows:

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1. Company Management Regulations (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") apply to Special Forest Corporation exports Quang Nam (hereinafter referred to as "Company") stock listing on the Exchange securities. This Regulation is built in accordance with:
a. Enterprise Law 60/2005/QH11 on 19/11/2005;
b-Securities Law No. 70/2006/H11 on 29/06/2006;
c-12/2007/QD-BTC Decision dated 13/03/2007 of the Minister of Finance issued with corporate governance regulations applicable to companies listed on Stock Exchange / Securities Trading Center;

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